Cryptoiz Research is an incubator that provides a place for investor to invest on a new potential crypto project. We curate crypto projects, initiated a platform for a fundraising: https://lmo.cryptoizresearch.com/, and lets investor invest on the project we curated. Cryptoiz Research exists to make it easier for investor t0 buy a private sale token or we usually call it LMO (Loyalty Member Offering)

  1. I want to invest. How do I participate?
  • Click on https://lmo.cryptoizresearch.com/
  • Complete the task to collect points. Your score decides your order. The more point you get, the closer your turn to get a slot to invest (allocation).
  • When our admin announces who got the available slot to invest, the next step you can do is purchase an NFT worth of $5 using DAI token on Polygon. The NFT is available on our OpenSea and the NFT will be the ticket to claim your slot. When you have purchased the NFT, please hit us up on Telegram: @cryptoizresearch, we will invite you to the private group.

2. What will happen if I don’t do the task on the web, will I still get the slot?

No. You won’t be able to get the slot/allocation if you don’t do the task.

3. If I don’t purchase NFT, will I still get the slot?

No. You won’t be able to get the slot/allocation if you don’t purchase our NFT.

4. How much allocation will I get on one project?

You can get a minimum allocation of 50$, a maximum allocation for the public 200$ and a maximum allocation for VVIP 1000$. 1 NFT for $50 allocation. If you want to get $200 allocation, then you will need to purchase 4 NFT.

5. Where do I purchase the NFT?

https://opensea.io/collection/cryptoiz-lmo using DAI token on Polygon.

6. How much is LMO allocation in every project?

Dependes on the project.

7. What is the difference between LMO for VVIP member and LMO for public on Cryptoiz Research?

a. VVIP member gets $1000 max allocation.

b. Public gets $200 max allocation.

(this will be decided on waitlist form)

8. What differentiate Cryptoiz Research and other incubator?

We get a lot of allocation on different projects so don’t worry, every member will eventually get available slot.

We do not use FCFS (first come, first serve) system, we use score system instead. And those with the highest score, will get a priority to get the available slot so do not worry, just wait for your turn.

How do I join as a VVIP member:

Just buy a vvip bundling ticket at cryptoiz store:

What is the benefit of being a VVIP member?

  • Lifetime member
  • Daily tading signal
  • Request Signal
  • Zoom live discussion
  • LMO Allocation up to $1000
  • Giveaway
  • Rewards

I am a member of Pemburu Bitcoin Indonesia (Facebook group). Do I get a discount to be a VVIP member?

Yes, you will get a special price. For those who haven’t join the group, you can visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ID.Bitcoin and this link to buy the ticket with the special price https://cryptoiz.store/product/special-event-pbi/

How much is the cost of the bundling ticket?