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e, This Agreement is only on the rights and obligations between you and us and does not involve

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f, You acknowledge that every join our investment round agree that will take any condition and

result for example : lose, project not running, late distribution, and natural disaster our

side/cryptoiz will not have responsible with your money.

8. All content and materials available on the Website/APP including but not limited to text, graphics,

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9.1. Cryptoiz Research is a digital ecosystem providing brokerage services to facilitate the connection

between Participants and Projects within the scope of reward-based crowdfunding initiatives

involving the sale of Utility Tokens.

9.2. Cryptoiz Research is operated by the Ecosystem Operator. From a legal perspective, if Cryptoiz

Research or the Ecosystem are referred to, the subject of any duties or obligations remains the

Ecosystem Operators (i.e., the legal entities operating the Ecosystem). The Ecosystem itself is not a

legal subject and cannot assume responsibilities or obligations.

10. The Ecosystem Operator has conceived and developed an innovative reward-based

crowdfunding method based on the sale of Utility Tokens. Such a method is denominated “Loyalty

Member Offering (LMO)”. The purpose of an LMO shall be to support the promoters of innovative

entrepreneurial initiatives (i.e., the Projects) in fundraising operations and to enhance the power of

stakeholders (i.e., the Participants) orienting the development of innovative entrepreneurial

initiatives they participate in.

11. In order to participate in LMO Sales, the Participant(s) shall need to complete social task on and collect point to join sales. Such a participation mechanism shall be known

as “Loyalty Point”. The Ecosystem Operator’s automated system evaluates the quality of the point

from member dashboard and calculate the highest point. The higher point you collect than more

chance win the allocation. Selection process will choose top of point rank and reset every winner


12. Within the context of an LMO, the Purchase Price shall be paid by the Participant(s) to the

Project(s) in stablecoin, either USDT or BUSD, according to the instructions on the website. The

delivery of the LMO Tokens shall be governed by a operator and shall follow the vesting schedule

described on the Website.

13. The Participants acknowledge, agree, and understand that the Ecosystem Operator does not, in any

way, supervise, direct, or control any of the Projects and that the Ecosystem Operator does not control,

verify, assure, guarantee and warrant that the information provided by the Project(s) to the

Participant(s) through the Website are honest, accurate, complete and updated.

14.The Participants expressly agree that they are purchasing and receiving LMO Tokens at their sole

risk and that the Website and LMO Tokens are provided on an “as is” basis without warranties of

any kind, either expressed or implied.

15. Risks associated with theft/hacks: the Participant understands and accepts that the smart

contracts, the Website, the underlying software application and software platform (i.e. the

Ethereum blockchain) may be exposed to cyber attacks by hackers or other individuals that could

result in theft or loss of LMO Tokens, and/or stablecoins.

16. Risks associated with a loss of private key: the Participant understands and accepts that LMO

Tokens can only be accessed by using a digital wallet. The Participant understands and accepts that

if his/her/its private key or password gets lost or stolen, the LMO Tokens associated with the

Participant’s digital wallet will be unrecoverable and will be permanently lost.

17. Risks associated with a loss of private key: the Participant understands and accepts that LMO

Tokens can only be accessed by using a digital wallet. The Participant understands and accepts that

if his/her/its private key or password gets lost or stolen, the LMO Tokens associated with the

Participant’s digital wallet will be unrecoverable and will be permanently lost.