The Privacy Policy governs the types of information about you (Personal Data) that we may

collect through your login to this Website or App. Cryptoiz Research respects your privacy

regarding any information we may collect from you on our Website/APP and other products

that we own and operate. We only ask for the necessary information because we need it to

provide the best service for you. We assure that all data and information we obtain will be

securely protected to prevent loss and theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying

or modification.


1. The following terms and conditions are applicable to this Website/APP or products with

related content, Website or mobile application which is owned, operated or hosted by Cryptoiz

Research. (collectively, our “website”, our “application”).


2. This Policy informs you that if you sign in, browse or use services on the Website or mobile

application, you are deemed to accept and comply with any or all of the terms of this policy. If

you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy and do not want to provide the personal

information we ask for, please do not use the services we provide.


3. This Privacy Policy constitutes an agreement between you and the website or service

application. The Website/APP may be modified, expanded, updated and improved over time. If

we change these Terms, we will provide you with notice of such changes by emailing or noticing

on our Website’s home page and clearly indicating the effective date on the top of these Terms.

The revised terms will be deemed to be in effect immediately upon posting to any new user of

the Service.


4. Personal information is any information that allows to identify you, including but not limited

to: a, Any information you provide us when filling out forms on our account registration page, as

well as any other data you submit via the Website or email (e.g., name, date of birth, email

address, phone number…);

b, Information exchange, service support on the Web/APP or through other means of


c, All User Account transaction history (including but not limited to this website, application or

related websites);

d, Login websites and device details, including location data, browser data, web history, activity

history and other traffic information recorded in our system;

We will take steps to ensure that the use of your personal information is consistent with the

data protection rules and privacy policies in which we operate. This Privacy Policy applies to

personal information collected when you use the services we provide.


5. You accept and acknowledge that we may use the collected user information for purposes

including, but not limited to the following: 


a, Provide our services to you;


b, When you use our services, we may use your information for identity verification, recordingand backing up user services, security monitoring, risk prevention, etc.;


c, You agree that we may send you notifications about marketing campaigns, e-commerce and

advertisements related to you;

d, You acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right to give your personal information to

third-party credit reporting or data services to verify the authenticity of your information or to

provide other service levels;

e, Track and investigate transactions for the purpose of preventing fraud, abuse of terms, money

laundering, and other illegal or unusual activities;

f, Report to relevant authorities as required.


6. You agree that Cryptoiz Research reserves the right to use and share your Personal Data to: a.

Our service providers and other third parties assist us in providing services to you;

b. Communicating with you to introduce you to our products or any events, activities, projects,

plans, developments, commitments and special offers that take place or are promoted or

support us.

c. Your personal information to the relevant authorities in accordance with applicable law,

regulation, government policy or law. We do not use, sell or rent or lease your personal data to

third parties.


11. If the Company undergoes any change to the operational structure such as a merger,

acquisition by another company or a partial acquisition, it is more likely that the customer’s

personal data will be included in the item assignment. We will, as part of this Policy, notify users

through our email or news channels prior to proceeding with data transfers.


12. We acknowledge that when collecting and processing your Personal Information for the

purposes of managing your User Account, we are comply with strict legal regulations about the

protection of personal data.


13. It is your responsibility to keep your login information confidential and ensure that it cannot

be accessed by others.


14. Cookie is a data package used only for the purpose of analyzing the Web site. The website

uses Cookies to recognize visitors and facilitate the login process. Cookies used by the Website

have been set only with your consent. When you next browse the Site, specific page content will

be submitted to provide a better user experience.


15. If you have any request or comments, please contact us through the communication


published on the Website. This will be the most effective way to contact us and receive timely